Eco Loofah

Eco Loofah

The Eco Loofah from Vamsi Eco


🌿Made of dried Ridge Gourd, as natural as it gets


🌿These loofahs are natural unlike the plastic loofahs that are harmful to your health as well as the environment


🌿These loofahs last 6 months of use if stored properly


🌿The loofah can be used during your bath-time ritual


🌿Another use for this natural loofah is as a natural dish scrubber.. Just cut the loofah in half and use it to wash your dishes (steel, iron, glass, ceramic)


🌿When disposing of it, just compost the loofah to enrich the soil as well as your efforts to being sustainable


🌿Comes with no packaging so it is a zero-waste product


🌿Made in India with LOVE