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Our loofah is harvested from the matured fruit of the luffa plant, which is then hand-processed and trimmed into the perfect size for daily use. It's gentle yet effective texture will help you scrub away dirt and grime without damaging your skin or the environment.


This eco-friendly loofah is a versatile addition to your cleaning routine. Use it to scrub your body in the shower or even dishes or countertop. After use, simply rinse and hang to dry.


By choosing our eco-friendly loofah, you're making a conscious decision to reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint.


Say goodbye to disposable sponges and hello to a sustainable and effective cleaning solution!

Eco Loofah (Set of 2)

₹99.00 Regular Price
₹79.00Sale Price
  • - Absolutely natural and organic

    - It might feel coarse when dry, but before use just wet it and see how it becomes soft to touch yet meshed enough to scrub

    - To clean body, wet and use directly on soaped/wet body or add some body wash to give a thoroughly good clean

    - To clean dishes/utensils, wet and use on soaped/wet surfaces or add some soap to clean; same for countertops/cutting boards, etc. (with or without soap)

    - Gives a nice healthy glow to skin, removes all dead cells

    - Can also be used on face, gently (not for sensitive skin)

    - Does not carry odors, unline the other sponges or scrubs used

    - When being used on dishes, it also helps remove the stubborn stains

    - No micro-plastic residue on the body/cleaning surface

    - Lasts at least 6 months as a body scrub and 3 months when used for household chores

    - Made in India with Love