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Our Story

Tuhina had always been passionate about the environment and was determined to make a difference. She witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of plastic waste on the planet, and she knew she had to take action.


Driven by a fierce sense of purpose, Tuhina founded Vamsi Eco, a brand dedicated to creating sustainable and eco-friendly products that promote responsible consumption.

composition-spa-treatment-bamboo-brushes-copy-space copy.jpg
composition-spa-treatment-bamboo-brushes-copy-space copy.jpg


At Vamsi Eco, we believe that small actions can create big change. By choosing our bamboo toothbrushes, totes, bath products, newspaper pencils, neem combs, and more, you can make a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet.


We understand that it can be overwhelming to make sustainable choices, but we want to make it easy for you. Our products are carefully crafted from natural and biodegradable materials, ensuring that they don't end up polluting the environment.



Tuhina's dream was to create a world where everyday products were made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. She wanted to create a future where our choices wouldn't harm the planet. At Vamsi Eco, we're committed to making that dream a reality.


Join us in our mission to create a better tomorrow. By shopping eco-friendly and compostable daily products, you can make a tangible impact on the world and create a more sustainable future for all. Let's make a change together, one small choice at a time.

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