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Keep your clothes and linens secure with these versatile and sustainable cloth pins.


Made from durable bamboo, these pins are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic pins.


They are perfect for hanging laundry, securing bags, or even as decorations.


With a smooth and sturdy design, they are gentle on your clothes and easy to use.


Being made of bamboo instead of wood, these pegs are long-lasting and fungus-free even though they get wet in the drying process (pun unintended)!!


Help protect the planet and switch to the Bamboo Clothespins today!


*Store in a dry place

Bamboo Clothespin (Set of 10)

₹100.00 Regular Price
₹74.00Sale Price
  • - Sturdy, unlike the plastic one available in the market

    - Does not bleed colour on clothes

    - Does not crease clothes unnecessarily

    - Leaves no micro-plastics on clothes

    - Chic look

    - Made in India