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Introducing our eco-friendly dish scrub, the sustainable alternative to synthetic sponges and scrubbers.


Made with natural coconut coir and jute, this dish scrub is tough on dirt and grime while gentle on surfaces.


It's perfect for use on pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, and even countertops. Can be used on multiple materials like glass, ceramic, metals (like silver, copper, brass and steel), as well as plastics and melamine.


The natural soft jute fibers won't scratch your cookware, leaving your dishes sparkling clean.


Comes in a set of 2, one for bigger dishes and one for the smaller ones


After use, simply rinse and hang to dry.


Choosing our eco-friendly dish scrub is a conscious decision to live more sustainably and reduce your impact on the environment.

Eco Dish Scrubber

₹69.00 Regular Price
₹59.00Sale Price
  • - Made from Organic Coconut Coir and Jute

    - Uses less soap to clean, so less water required for washing the utensils

    - Does not leave any scratches on the utensils

    - Can also be used to clean countertops

    - Does not get smaller with use unlike the green plastic scrubbers in the market

    - Comes attached with handles for ease of use

    - Does not leave any micro-plastic residue on any of the surfaces being cleaned

    - Lasts 2-3 months of regular use

    - Made in India with Love