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Tea Lovers - Part 1 (Tea Bags Vs Loose Tea Leaves)

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Being a tea lover is something we proclaim with pride.. We share memes about it.. But how many times do we choose convenience over taste, over health, over the environment..

For the sake of convenience, a lot of us use tea bags, but are they really beneficial or just a packaging strategy for the tea companies to give us inferior product at higher prices..




🌱The sachets are plastic infused (even the paper bag ones) to keep them from breaking up when infused in liquid

🌱Due to the plastic content of the sachets (tea bags), they never fully decompose

🌱The tea leaves inside the bags need to cut out for it to decompose else they might takes 100-150 years to decompose instead of the measly 2-3 weeks

🌱The tea bags are made up of broken leaves and tea leaf dust which gives less flavour, less fragrance with almost no essential oil component of tea leaves

🌱More expensive than loose leaves

Choice is yours, protect your body and the environment while also safeguarding your wallet..

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