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Sustainable Stationery - Part 1

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Stationery is something we all use, and something that almost always NOT considered for its environmental impact..

Almost all of us use ball point pens and gel pens, I myself have been guilty of collecting them.. Recently though, lockdown effect probably, I wanted to go for the fountain pens, felt more elegant.. But to tell you the truth, once you get back to using them, there is just no going back..

This works good for the environment too.. Most of the fountain pens are made of metal (light or heavy, pun unintended), unlike the ball-point or gel pens that are made of plastic with a plastic refill that comes packaged in a lot more plastic..

So, go for fountain pens (or ink pens as we called them in school), with converters and not the plastic cartridges.. The converters last the lifetime of the pen.. And do try to go for the glass ink bottles rather than the plastic ones..

It is eco-friendly as well as cost-effective.. Childhood habits were definitely pro-earth..

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