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CYOB - Carry Your Own Bottle

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Did you know, every time you buy a bottle of water, you are not paying for the water but just for that disposable piece of Single Use Plastic??

Every minute a million plastic water bottles are bought across the world?! And that is not even accounting for the soft drinks bottles being bought..

These water bottles are not just a pinch on nature but also on our health as well as our pockets.. We need to pay for the water that ought to be free and most definitely not be in plastic..

Studies have shown that keep water in plastic containers and consuming them is hazardous to our lives.. Are we willing to risk our lives just for the sake of being lazy??

Only 9% of these kind of plastics are recycled, the rest end up in landfills (where they never decompose) or worse still, in the oceans and seas and finally inside marine life while destroying it..

Carry your own bottles wherever you go, makes more sense during these trying times!!

Be it steel, glass, or copper (huge medicinal benefits of this one), just CARRY YOUR OWN BOTTLE

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