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We have been seeing a rise in pollution over the years, more so in the last 50 years.. Air, water, land, our carbon footprint is on the rise every single day.. All this is leading to rising temperatures, droughts, insect outbreaks, as well as wildfires, not to forget our low immunities, if Covid-19 is any indication..
One of the major pollutant is the amount of plastic we use, on a daily basis, that is filling up land, water, and even the air when it is burnt off..
To address this, we at Vamsi Eco, are trying to bring as many Eco-friendly, Biodegradable and Plastic-free daily use products to you.. From toothbrushes, to straws to even our packaging.. 
So let’s make the rest of our lives sustainable one!!
#Reduce #Reuse #Recycle but most importantly, #Compost

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Vamsi Eco eco-friendly products are much better alternative for plastics.
They contribute to restore & save the environment n our planet Earth as they are nature-friendly n biodegradable products.



Vamsi Eco products have helped me take a step towards protecting Mother Nature. We all talk about sustainability but never really implement it but with Vamsi Eco products I have taken baby steps towards it and that makes me happy.



Vamsi Eco is a synonym for pure passion and dedication towards Mother Earth. It's products show how easy and simple it is to use eco friendly products, which fulfills our basic needs without harming nature. The products are of excellent quality and very affordable.



Vamsi Eco products are environmental and earth friendly. I’m a regular user of their products and despite their high quality they are very reasonably priced.

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It's fantastic to see Vamsi Eco making eco-friendly stuffs of our daily use and taking a step forward to make our mother earth plastic free. I am using toothbrush made of wheat straw, the bristles are too soft just like doctors recommend.