Plantable Recycled Newspaper Seed Pencils

Plantable Recycled Newspaper Seed Pencils

🌿Plantable Writing Pencils


🌿Made of Recycled Newspaper


🌿2B lead


🌿Comes in packs of 5


🌿Fitted with seeds of 5 varieties, Mustard (Sarson), Tomato (Tamatar), Coriander (Dhaniya), Chilli (Mirch) and Fenugreek (Methi)


🌿The pencil shavings are compostable (or easier still, just bury them in the ground)


🌿Composts (biodegrades) in 5-6 weeks


🌿When disposing, just plant the pencils in the soil, make sure they get sufficient sun and water, and watch them bloom


🌿Blooms in 4-5 weeks


🌿 7 inches in length


🌿Vintage Look


🌿Matte finish for a better grip


🌿Uses a regular sharpener


🌿Made in India with Love

  • Disposing

    🌿 Compost shavings

    🌿 Plant pencil (as it is) in soil completely, water and sun it and watch it grow into a plant

  • Packaging

    No packaging, zero waste