Dish Scrubber

Dish Scrubber

Share the love of Mother Earth with your Dinnerware and Cookware!!


🌿Dish Scrubbers made for cleaning all utensils


🌿Made of coconut coir and jute


🌿They come with a handle attached for a better grip when washing


🌿Each set has 2 pieces, one for bigger utensils like pots, pans and plates and the smaller one for glasses and bowls and cutlery


🌿Size; Big: 4”X3.5”; Small: 3.5”X2.25”


🌿Works on all surfaces, glass, ceramic, steel, iron, etc.


🌿Lasts at least 3 months of usage


🌿When disposing, just compost


🌿Made in India with Love


🌿Crafted by Local Artisans


🌿Price per set

  • Packaging

    No packaging, zero-waste