Bamboo Clothespins

Bamboo Clothespins

Sustainable n chic, Bamboo Clothespins (Pegs)


🌿These clothespins are made of Organic Bamboo with a Metal Wiring


🌿Size: 6cm (2.3") in length


🌿Being made of bamboo instead of wood, these pegs are long-lasting and fungus-free even though they get wet in the drying process (pun unintended)!!


🌿When disposing, just detach the metal wiring and compost the bamboo


🌿Comes in sets of 10, prices at ₹50 a set


🌿These pegs are Made In India with love


🌿Crafted by Local Artisans


Order your set today and give it a try!!

  • Packaging

    No packaging for the products, zero-waste